5 Easy Steps to Make Fresh Strawberry Mint Lemonade

5 Easy Steps to Make Fresh Strawberry Mint Lemonade

While there are several different drinks you can enjoy on a hot afternoon, a fresh strawberry mint lemonade is a drink that never fails to impress. The glass is prepared with a proper mix of natural ingredients, offering numerous flavors with refreshing benefits that keep you invigorated.

Here’s a simple way to make fresh strawberry mint lemonade through 5 simple steps


  • Strawberries
  • Lemons
  • Fresh mint leaves
  • water
  • Sweetener: honey, maple syrup, or sugar


●    Step 1

Slice your lemons into halves and squeeze to extract the full extent of the juice. Also, you can rub these around the center to ensure that most of the juices are squeezed out. After doing this, set the juice aside in a cup or jug. If you like, you can leave a slice or two to garnish your healthy strawberry mint lemonade when it’s ready.

●    Step 2

Mint leaves can be clean, muddy, or dirty, depending on how you procure them. To be on the same side, rinse your mint leaves to get the dirt off them before you use them

●    Step 3

What’s a healthy strawberry mint lemonade without a strawberry? You can either chop your strawberries or put them as they are in the blender. Add some mint leaves and add the amount of water you prefer. Blend to your preferred consistency and add water if necessary

●    Step 4

Add lemon juice and sugar after a short period of blending strawberry and mint and blend till you get a preferred consistency. If your blend is not strong, add a small amount of water to help it blend. After blending, you can remove the pulp or take it as it is

●    Step 5

Serve your fresh strawberry mint lemonade at room temperature or over ice. It is best served cold, and you would find it quite refreshing while sitting on a patio on a hot afternoon.

How to preserve your drink

You can keep your fresh strawberry mint lemonade in the fridge to preserve its taste and unique flavors. Just stir it when you are ready, and it’s suitable to drink again.


Strawberry mint lemonade is a refreshing drink that never fails to impress anyone. It remains the best go-to drink on a hot afternoon to keep you relaxed and invigorated.

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