A Recipe for Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

A Recipe for Frozen Strawberry Lemonade

Enjoying a cold drink like a frozen strawberry lemonade brings so much relief, especially on a hot afternoon, when you need to feel refreshed. While you are smacking your lips in delight, you also enjoy its refreshing benefits.

Here, we will show you how to make Frozen Strawberry Lemonade through a few simple steps


  • Frozen strawberries/ strawberries
  • Lemons
  • Sugar
  • Ice cubes


Step 1 - Prepare Your Lemon Juice

Slice your lemons and squeeze them thoroughly to get the most out of them. You can rub them around the centre or simply microwave them a little to ensure all the juice is squeezed out. Remember it’s not a Frozen Strawberry Lemonade without lemons so get enough juice and set it aside in a cup or jug.

Step 2- Blend
  1. Put your frozen strawberries, lemon juice and sugar in the blender and blend until you attain the required consistency.
  2. Put your strawberries, ice cubes, lemon juice and sugar in a blender and blend until you attain the required consistency. Putting your ice cubes after blending might make it rather watery even more than you expect

If you prefer your strawberry lemonade slushy like Wendy’s strawberry lemonade, then you don’t need to add water before or after blending. However, if your blender is weak or you prefer to make your drink less slushy, you can add water to help it blend easily.

Step 3- serve

Here is the part where you enjoy your lemonade. Like Wendy’s strawberry lemonade, you can also garnish your drink with a slice of lemon or even a strawberry if you wish. If you’d like to spice things up, one or more shots of vodka could help do the trick

How to Preserve Your Lemonade Juice

Your strawberry lemonade is best preserved in the fridge or freezer, this ensures that its taste is not diminished over time. When you are ready to drink, you only need to stir to properly mix the ingredients that may have settled at the bottom.

Bottom line

While the Frozen Strawberry Lemonade is a simple and easy-to-make drink for friends and family, not everyone has the patience to make one. If you are not one for recipes or juice making, we offer freshly made frozen strawberry lemonade for sale at affordable prices. Place an order and you would have your drink delivered to you in time.

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