Amazing New Twists on 6 Holiday Drink Recipes

It's the holiday and time to party and have some fun. Whether you are having a party with friends and family, a hangout by the poolside, or a games night, drinks are party pleasers, and who hosts a party without drinks, c'mon! Here, we offer new twists on the common holiday drink recipes that would keep you and your friends smacking your lips in delight.

Continue reading to discover some of our favourite new healthy holiday drinks

1.   Strawberry Passion Lemonade

Indulge yourself in this amazing holiday drink, which combines strawberry, passion fruit, and lemon in a perfect mix. With flavors to satisfy your palate and your sweet tooth, you can enjoy the strawberry passion lemonade throughout the holidays.

2.   Juicy Ginger Lemonade

Freshly prepared for good taste, you can enjoy the juicy ginger lemonade during the holidays. It perfectly balances the distinct taste of ginger and lemon, offering a drink you can enjoy with friends and family. Smack your lips while you want a juicy ginger lemonade, one of the best organic holiday drinks you can ever have.

3.   Mint Lemonade

Who doesn't love that distinct taste of mint? Perfect for the holidays, especially in a gathering of friends, the mint lemonade offers a good mix of lemon and mint and flavors you would never get tired of.

4.   Pineapple Paradise

Enjoy flavors that can only be described as paradise in this healthy holiday drink. The pineapple paradise offers a sweet mix of pineapple, sugarcane, and lemon that will make you crave more. A sip, a gulp, or just a glass, enjoy paradise all day long

5.   Berry Peachy Lemonade

Have a sip of an organic health drink unlike any other. Made with a mix of berries, peach, and lemons, you can enjoy a series of flavors all in one drink to make a bomb!

6.   Lemon Spice Lemonade

How about a healthy holiday drink that combines spice and lemon to offer a drink like no other? That's what you get in a freshly prepared lemon spice lemonade. Enjoy with friends and family or all alone at any time of the day.


Enjoy the holidays with these fantastic organic holiday drinks. From the strawberry passion lemonade to the lemon spice, all drinks are available at the best prices. Also, with so many options, everyone can satisfy their palate and sweet tooth.

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