Make Your Own Fresh Ginger Lemonade Juice at Home

Make Your Own Fresh Ginger Lemonade Juice at Home

Making fresh ginger lemonade juice is pretty simple. While it may sound a little complicated, you only need a few instructions to make one for complete rejuvenation.

Here we have listed the few ingredients you would need and a recipe you can follow


  • Fresh Ginger Rhizomes or Roots.
  • Fresh lemons
  • Clean water
  • A sweetener; honey, maple syrup, or sugar 

All these ingredients are essential in every fresh ginger lemonade juice. Do you want your lemonade to taste great? Then ensure all your ingredients are ready before you follow the recipe.

The process

● Step 1- Prepare your ginger rhizomes

Chop off your ginger into 2-3 bits or small pieces. Then put these in a saucepan and add a suitable amount of water. Boil these at medium heat for a while and reduce the heat afterward. Take it off the fire and wait till it cools off. For more concentrated fresh ginger lemonade juice, you can grate your ginger instead of chopping it off.

● Step 2- Squeeze your lemons

Now it’s time to prepare the lemons in the fresh ginger lemonade juice. Before squeezing, you can either microwave your lemons or rub them around the center to ensure they release most of their juices. After doing this, you can squeeze your lemons, remove the seeds, and set them apart. You can also leave one or two sliced lemons to garnish and make it a refreshing ginger lemonade

● Step 3 - Sieve and mix

Sieve the ginger mixture and separate the liquid in a jug. Add your lemon juice and stir for a perfect mix. Then you can add any kind of sweetener you prefer. You can add the sweeteners little by little until you get the level of sweetness you desire

● Step 3- Garnish and enjoy

You can now garnish with the sliced lemons you set apart and enjoy a good glass of refreshing ginger lemonade

How to preserve your ginger lemonade juice

Preserve the remaining juice in the freezer for 4-5 days. You can captivate your taste buds with refreshing ginger lemonade juice all week.


While this recipe is simple, you might not have the time to make it. This is no bother as we offer fresh ginger lemonade juice, cranberry rosemary cocktail, and other types of drinks for sale. So order and enjoy freshly made juice all day long.

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