The OMG Lemonade Story

The INSIDER summary:


OMG Lemonade made its splash when 19 year old Layla Quick fought through depression, fear and rejection through her MOM-mentor, Melita Quick. Her mom challenged her to become her best self by helping her to peel back the layers of self doubt, by finding what she was good at. She mentored Layla for who she was on the inside, focusing on personal development. Layla is now Teen-Prenuer of the year, Pitch princess, youth motivational speaker, and upcoming author, and Founder of OMG Lemonade. She and her team have attended over 600 local events, festivals and farmers markets in the triangle starting during the pandemic. People love that are lemonades are made from farm to family and ingredients and are locally sourced. We've had such a demand for OMG Lemonade blends because of its healthful benefits. We infuse herbs that are loaded with vitamins and minerals, fresh fruit, and a team that loves to serve community. It is very hard for our local customers to find us sometimes and this is why we have created the first OMG Lemonade fresh fridge. OMG Lemonade fresh fridge offers high quality fruit- flavored lemonades that will make you say OH MY God on the first sip! Our flavors are strawberry passion, pineapple paradise, mint lemonade, Juicy Ginger, Strawberry-mint, Lemon bomb and yes it is the bomb, Cinna-Lemon, Ms.Berry Peachy, Lemon drip, and Hibiscus Island. Be sure to stop in to sample our lemonades at the very first location inside of KupKake Fairy. Look inside the OMG Fresh Fridge! Enjoy!

OMG Lemonade/ Mother Nature’s Feel Good

Reach out to our marketing and sales rep Melita Quick/ 919-696-4776